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ABC Wire Sales Co. provides wire products that work. ABC Wire Sales distributes baling wire products made in the USA.

We make to order most sizes of bale ties. Single loop bale ties come Galvanized, Black Annealed or Kleen Green.

We stock in our warehouses stem wire and skids (boxes) of Auto baling wire.

Stems of continuous wire on carriers come Galvanized and Black Annealed.

Box wire is Black Annealed and comes in 10, 11 and 12 gauges in 50# or 100# boxes.

Auto Tie - Stem Wire

Hi-Tensile Galvanized 11, 12, 13ga

Black Annealed 10, 11, 12ga

Auto Tie - Stem Wire

Auto Tie - Box Wire

Black Annealed 10, 11, 12ga

Auto Tie - Box Wire

Bale Ties

Single loop & Double loop,
Black Annealed, Galvanized, Kleen Green
available all gauges and lengths.

Bale ties
Bale Tie Tool
Bale Tie Tool

See 30 second video here:Bale Tie Tool Video

Call ABC Wire Sales for:

  • Quality wire products, competitive pricing
  • Metal banding, Seals, Bindery wire, Polyester and Polyproplyene strapping
  • No Fuel surcharges on delivered pricing
  • Tool repair all Mfgs. banding equipment.
  • Authorized sales agent for Coastal and other made in the USA wire products
  • Credit Card payment accepted
  • Call John Jablonic at (651) 338-4341 for more information and a quote for baling wire delivered to your location

Bale Tie Tool for use with single loop bale ties. “Make better bales, faster”.

Help your baling operation become more efficient with a bale tie tool for manual tie balers. ABC Wire Sales Co. can make life easier for your baler operator and increase the efficiency of your baling operation by using the specific tool featured in the following video. There are 2 tools: 11 and 12ga wire has a heavy duty tool and wire tied using 13 and 14ga wire has a different tool due to the difference in wire size. Please view this short video clip (40 seconds)on a bale tie tool that you might consider. Watch the video and note how quick each wire is tied off, how nice and tight of a knot it makes and the ease of use. The people we have sold this to say it is worth every cent in operator satisfaction with regard to ease of use and elimination of repetitive twisting in tight confines and overall time savings. After viewing fill in the blanks below to see how fast this bale tie tool will pay for itself and make your baling better.

Bale Tie Tool Video

Estimated time savings is 5-8 minutes per bale x _____ bales per day = _____minutes x hourly rate$_____ = $________savings per day / $325 = _________hours payback on tool

Baler operator satisfaction - priceless

Quality of knot is far superior to any hand tie.

wire photo 1 wire photo 21 wire photo 3 wire photo 4

Hi – ABC Wire Sales has a truck load of Surplus Wire available. ASTM A641 -- C1006 / 75,000psi maximum tensile / .105-12 gauge x 12' length in bundles of 50# packaged 20 bundles per crate. The wire is oil coated to prevent corrosion and each bundle has approximately 152 pieces of wire 12' long. This wire can be used for ceiling installs, tying wire, baling applications or whatever your wire need is. Minimum purchase is 1000# (which is 1 crate of 20 50# bundles of wire for a total of about 3,040 individual 12' lengths of wire) Priced at $30 Cwt-(hundred pounds) totals $300 per crate. - While Supplies Last - ($15 per 50# bundle of 152 pieces x 20 bundles) Wire is available for pickup FOB Crawfordsville, IN zip code 47933 about 47 miles North West of Indianapolis. If interested but further away please call as we can quote low cost for delivery. Contact John @ (877) 348-1995 or reply to